Current Vendors Policy

Current Vendors PO / Payment Policy

Updated: 10/20/2023

Parent / ES / vendor understands that all services by Independent Contractors are voluntary, and the services or activities conducted at the facilities owned by and/or at a designated location CWCS has no control. Parent / Guardian should remain with their child(ren) and the parent assumes responsibility for their child(ren) to participate in vendor services.  A business may require the parent to sign their own enrollment agreement that is completely independent from the CWCS.

No vendor should provide any services or product materials to any Connecting Waters Charter Schools student or family without receiving a purchase order (PO) from the school’s Business Services Department. Connecting Waters Charter Schools is only obligated to pay for the contracted services or product materials after a purchase order has been processed and the services are rendered in full or product material(s) shipped to designated school site, Education Specialist, or student/family listed on the order. If a purchase order is misplaced or the vendor cannot confirm it was previously received, the vendor must contact the Business Services Department at 209-874-1119 option 8 or email at [email protected] before providing services or products.

When a service PO is received from the school and all lessons listed are completed, the vendor has the option to electronically submit the PO/Invoice using the Online Purchasing System (OPS) vendor login credentials for the applicable school’s network provided by the Business Services Department. Or, can email, fax, or mail an invoice that must reference the PO number(s) on the invoice, to the school’s Accounts Payable Department.

When a product material’s PO is received from the school and the product material(s) listed on the PO are shipped to the school’s site or Education Specialist listed on the order, the vendor can email, fax, or mail an invoice referencing the PO number(s) to the Accounts Payable Department. Invoice payment will be processed upon confirmation from CWCS staff the material(s) are received.

PO Invoice / Payment Contact: 

Delta Managed Solutions

c/o Connecting Waters Charter Schools

1451 River Park Drive, Suite 180

Sacramento, CA 95815  

For questions about payment of invoices, please contact our Accounts Payable Department at 916-649-6461 ext 128 or email at [email protected].

Connecting Waters Charter Schools is only responsible for payment after a purchase order has been received by the vendor, services have been rendered or product material(s) shipped have been received by CWCS, and the invoice submitted matches the school’s PO.  CWCS will not pay for any services or product material(s) without a purchase order dated on or before the service’s start or shipment.  CWCS only pays for services or product material(s) that are explicitly stated on the purchase order. For example, if a vendor allows a student to complete services in September and October, but the purchase order received states the month of September, then Connecting Waters Charter Schools will not pay for the October services. The vendor will need to get payment from the student’s parent or guardian. Vendor is responsible for communicating the school's contract agreement to all instructor(s) and not to provide services without having all applicable month(s) purchase orders.

The vendor is responsible for performing a CA Department of Justice (DOJ) Live Scan criminal background checks, requesting both state and federal levels, and should have clearances for all instructors in contact with CWCS students in-person and/or online and providing negative TB clearances for all instructors meeting with CWCS students in-person.  In addition, the vendor must notify the Business Services Department (Vendor Relations) and provide instructor clearance information before allowing new instructor(s) to provide services to CWCS students. Failure to notify the Business Services Department of any new instructor(s) and meeting with CWCS students without full clearances could result in suspension of PO services and/or termination of the CWCS vendor contract agreement.

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