Recording of Board Meetings Policy

CWCS Board Approved: January 27, 2020

The Board of Directors ("Board") for Connecting Waters Charter Schools ("CWCS") intends to provide clear information regarding the right of members of the public to record public Board meetings and how CWCS personnel is to process audio or video recordings made on behalf of CWCS.

Public Audio/Video Recordings

The Executive Director or designee shall designate locations from which members of the public may broadcast, photograph, or tape record open meetings of the Board without causing a disruption. The Executive Director or designee will designate a location that is conspicuous, whenever possible; in order to alert other members of the public to the fact the meeting is being recorded.

Board Directed Recordings

In compliance with education code 47604.1 CWCS shall audio record, video record, or both, all the governing board meetings and post the recordings on each charter school's internet website.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Board president shall announce that a recording or broadcasting is being made at the direction of the Board and that the recording or broadcast may capture images and sounds of those attending the meeting. As practicable, the recorder or camera shall be placed in plain view of meeting participants.

Any audio or video recording of an open and public meeting made for whatever purpose by or at the direction of the CWCS Board of Directors shall be subject to inspection pursuant to the California Public Records Act, but may be destroyed once the Board adopts the minutes of a particular meeting or thirty (30) calendar days after the recording was made, whichever is later. The Board Secretary or designee shall maintain a log specifying on what date an audio or video recording was destroyed.

Any inspection of an audio or video recording shall be provided without charge on equipment made available by CWCS.

Under no circumstances may closed sessions be audio or video recorded by any Board member or other closed session participant.

approved 1.27.2020

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